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#75 Making New Worlds Possible (with Lawrence Barriner II)

#75 Making New Worlds Possible (with Lawrence Barriner II)

The first time I had the good fortune to meet Lawrence Barriner II, I was so deeply touched and moved that I immediately invited him to come on this podcast. We spent about 45 minutes together and we went deeper in our sharing than I suspect some people get a chance to do in even their most intimate friendships (which is its own kind of tragedy).

Lawrence offered the very unique and simple invitation of giving each of us 10 minutes to tell our story. What he did with that invitation to share his story and invite me to share mine was model his belief in the power of love to create justice and the power of story to make new worlds possible.

Lawrence is the opposite of an escapist - someone living in an imagined realm so that we don't have to face reality. He is a lineage keeper and culture maker, inviting all of us to step towards possible futures that we can only envision if we create this space where we can grieve, heal, and imagine something new.

He does this work both one-on-one and in groups, particularly around the intersections of white supremacy and toxic patriarchy, helping men of all identities and body types step into these questions of power, privilege, and possibility. But he’s also someone who can think at vast network scales. He's researched extensively into systems of justice and systems of nourishment. If you’re ready to step into the possibilities for the future, then buckle up! This one is a beauty.

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